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Nocebo (2023) Directed by: Lorcan Finnegan

A Filipino househelper shares to an English family the culture in the Philippines. Some are delightful, while some are dreadful.

Chai Fonacier did not disappoint. She’s giving a natural representation of a Filipino—powerful, eccentric and warm rolled into one.

Eva Green, Mark Strong and Billie Gadson are individually good. But they don’t have the rapport as a family. Their connection to the househelper is also weak, considering that some major character decisions are based on their relationships with one another.

With its international production setting, the movie manages to be relatable. Every once in a while, you’ll witness a trait or a tradition that’s very Filipino.

Magandang naipamahagi ng pelikula ang mga natatanging katangian ng Pinoy. Hindi pilit ang pagkakalagay sa kwento. Malaking bahagi siya ng istorya.

The eerie mystery is taking longer than usual, making it dragging sometimes. Clues and hints are present throughout the movie, but the revelation scene still has its value and significance.

The last few moments reveal the truest horror of the story. It’s one of those times when you’re proud to be a Filipino and then scared to be one.

Masarap maging Pilipino. Ngunit nakakatakot din pala.

Hanggang kailan tayo magpapa-alipin?


⭐️⭐️⭐️ Cast: Chai Fonacier, Eva Green, Mark Strong, Billie Gadson Presented by: TBA Studios, EPIC Media, Lovely Productions, Wild Swim Films Date Released: January 18, 2023 in Philippine Cinemas nationwide A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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