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Papa Pogi (2019)

Directed by: Alex Calleja

Teddy Corpuz is a chick magnet who needs to break their family curse — wherein if he marries a beautiful woman, his children will have an ugly face.

In a world set by high standards of physical qualities, how can this movie change your perception of beauty?

This movie will not change anything.

Beauty vs ugly is still magnified based on outer appearance. There might be some attempts to go beyond, but their efforts remain to be superficial.

Comedy is not an excuse for a shallow storyline.

But at least, they have a storyline to follow. Too many jokes in-between. But the focus still lies on Teddy Corpuz finding ways on how to break the curse.

Comedy is not an excuse to deliver a poor-quality film.

But at least, it is the main reason of keeping this movie alive. Not all jokes may hit you. But it is enough to keep you watching and be entertained.

I like the pool scenes of Nonong Ballinan here. It creates a moment... Hanggang sa hahanap-hanapin mo na sya everytime makakakita ka ng pool. Take note na naka-topless sya during these scenes. My favorite scene goes to Lassy when he impersonated Myrtle Sarrosa. Natatawa ako sa kanila at sa kanilang eksena.

All actors made their funny antics. But not all acts are funny. Some jokes are new to me. Some never gets old. Few are quite silly. Few don’t make an impact. It’s a hit or miss throwing of punchlines while a story is moving forward.

In this case... For every 5 punchlines, there’s always 1 that will make you laugh. Take it or leave it.



Cast: Teddy Corpuz, Donna Cariaga, Myrtle Sarrosa, Lassy Marquez, Nonong Ballinan, Dawn Chang, Nikko Natividad, Luke Conde, Zeus Collins, Joey Marquez

Presented by: Regal Entertainment, Inc.

Date Released: March 20, 2019 in Philippine cinemas nationwide

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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