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Para Sa Broken Hearted (2018)

Directed by: Digo Ricio

Stories of love from the perspective of 3 broken hearted people are told.

The characters themselves will narrate their own stories. Their choice of words sometimes can’t cover what’s necessary about their journey.

The script doesn’t create an environment where you can adapt. The words felt stiff for actors that are vulnerable. The lines don’t truly describe what they are feeling.

Love can’t be fully expressed thru words.

This film acknowledges that notion, so they use other forms of art as an expression.

The illustrations you see and the songs you hear play a vital role to share what the characters are going through.

They utilized different visuals to depict the status of their emotions. The imageries are out of the norm, essentially capturing the eccentricity of love.

Kung ang pag-ibig ay gagawan mo ng larawan o bibigyan mo ng ibang katauhan, ano ang magiging itsura nito?

Naibahagi nila ang iba’t ibang mukha ng pagmamahal, dahil sa makulay at malikhain nilang pagkwento.

Same old love stories, with a fresh take on storytelling — accompanied by a scoring that is moving.

They chose the right songs to convey the depth of their feelings. The soundtrack became instrumental to voice out the pain and loneliness in every heartbreak.

Ang mga kanta sa pelikulang ito ang nagpupuno sa puwang ng mga salita. Dinadala ka nila sa iba’t ibang klase ng lungkot.

Maaaring makalimutan mo ang mga eksena.

Pero hindi ang ipinadama sayo ng mga kanta.

Sa bawat imaheng ipinakita nila at sa bawat kantang ipinarinig nila, iisa lang ang nais sabihin. — Masarap at masakit ang pagmamahal.

Love is universal.

So as pain.

Ang pelikulang ito ay hindi lang para sa broken hearted.

Para ito sa lahat ng nagmamahal.



Cast: Sam Concepcion, Shy Carlos, Louise Delos Reyes, Marco Gumabao, Yassi Pressman, Arvic Tan, Katya Santos

Presented by: VIVA Films

Music by: Mikey Amistoso, Jazz Nicolas

Singers: Sam Concepcion, Janine Teñoso, Itchy Worms, Juanita Romualdez, After 5 and Unique Salonga

Date Released: October 3, 2018 in Philippine cinemas nationwide

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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