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Purok 7 (Cinemalaya 2013)

Directed by: Carlo Obispo

With no parents to support them, two siblings thrive together in a rural community.

As the older sister, Krystle Valentino was captivating in her own innate ways. Her actions are relatable. You can easily empathize with her character. As the younger brother, Miggs Cuaderno has an irresistible charm. His smile and energy are infectious. His presence brings joy to every scene.

These two actors effortlessly created a bond that only siblings can have. They genuinely care for each other. It’s not hard to follow their journey, because they made it easy to connect with them.

There’s simplicity in the film’s treatment. No extravagant actions and no elaborative details. It was both an edge and a setback. The message was delivered with less impact. There’s no build up in most scenes, preventing to make a climax or highlight for the film. The steady approach limits them to attain a powerful ending.

There’s also a lack of strong focus to discuss their main topic. The issues appear in an indefinite manner, disorienting the plot unintentionally.

They’ve shared bits of Filipino culture and lifestyle, as they made good use of their local barrio setting. The mellow guitar strings, as a scoring, added warmth to the scenes.

May dalang kirot at saya ang pelikulang ito, dahil nagagawa nilang magaan ang mabibigat na bagay. Simple ang turingan. Walang dagdag na kaartehan. Nakakalungkot, ngunit tatawanan. Iiyak, pagkatapos ay ngingitian.

Life is what you make it, and this film gave us an opportunity to see things on a positive note.



Cast: Krystle Valentino, Miggs Cuaderno, Julian Trono, Angeli Bayani, Arnold Reyes

Presented by: Rough Road Productions, Cinemalaya

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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