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Sana All (2021)

Directed by: Bona Fajardo

Set in Ilocos, a local girl gets tangled with a city boy to harvest a rice wine called “tapuy”.

This movie has the potential to promote Philippine tourism and to highlight the rich culture in Ilocos. But it was downgraded by a lame storytelling and overshadowed by a dull love story.

May mga tanawin silang pinakita, pero hindi nila ito pinakilala. May mga lugar na maganda sanang puntahan, pero hindi mo alam kung saan.

Panay ang banggit nila sa tapuy dahil sikat itong alak sa kanilang syudad. Parati nilang sinasabi na dapat may libog at pagmamahal sa paggawa nito upang lumabas ang sarap. Ngunit hanggang duon lang ang kaya nilang sabihin. Hindi nila pinapakita kung paano ito gawin, kung saan ito nagmula at kung anong halaga nito sa mga tao.

Hindi maganda ang pagkakahubog ng istorya para sa Ilocos, sa tapuy hanggang sa pagmamamahalan ng dalawang bida.

Their love story is lacking life and romance. The execution is unspiring. The fade effect transition is overly used. The scoring is repetitive, spoiling the climactic events.

The actors are not effective in conveying the needed emotions. Except for Meg Imperial who gave a decent portrayal.

Some lines in the movie are insightful, especially when they talked about dream vs love, business vs family. These conversations are truthful and realistic. It made more sense with Meg’s delivery.

The cinematography only gets better when they are showing the natural scenic spots. Otherwise, the shots are uninviting.

This movie got a promising location, culture and plot. They’ve got the basic ingredients to create a fine product. But it didn’t age well.

Wala ring kinalaman ang pamagat na Sana All sa buong takbo ng istorya.



Cast: Meg Imperial, Arvic Tan, Andrew Muhlach, Pio Balbuena, Lita Loresco

Presented by: Viva Films, Spring Films, Brightlight Productions

Date Released: February 5, 2021 in select PH cinemas; June 18, 2021 via Vivamax

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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