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Secrets (2022)

Directed by: Jose Javier Reyes

1 beach resort.

2 vacationists.

2 caretakers.

2 other guests.

Anim na magkakaibang mga karakter.

Lahat ay may kanya-kanyang kulo.

Felix Roco has a strong appeal that can carry the whole cast. The delivery of his lines are freeflowing and carefree. His pairing with Denise Esteban is palpable. Denise allows herself to be ridiculed but also fights back with her tactless personality.

Swak ang topak nila sa isa’t isa.

Janelle Tee is one savage woman in this movie. She doesn’t need to be loud to intimidate others. There’s fierceness in her looks and voice. Benz Sangalang has decent acting skills that complement his sexy videogenic physique.

They look good together.

As supporting casts, Ku Aquino and Sherry Lara were both maximized. Their facial expressions are enough to convey what they have to say.

Palaban lahat ng mga artista. Lahat sila ay may ibubuga. Masayang panuorin ang mga usapan. Nakaka-aliw ang mga confrontation. Nakakatawa ang mga linya.

Pinakilala ang bawat karakter. Pinakita ang mga problema nito. At duon na natapos ang kwento.

Kulang pa sa istorya. Ginawang dahilan na lang “sikreto” para hindi na sila gaanong mag-kwento. Hindi sapat ang mga pinakita, para mahumaling ka sa mga sikreto nila.

The secrets did not help the characters reach a substantial ending. The conclusion was underwhelming—considering the amount of time they rendered to build the tension among the characters.

The transition effects are lousy. Fade In Fade Out is overused, even if the clips don’t blend with each other. There are too many unnecessary establishing scenes, delaying the story for no good.

The beach location was serene. Ito ay nasa “Dipaculao, Aurora”. Sana ay binabanggit rin sa pelikula ang pangalan ng mismong lokasyon o resort para mabisita rin ito ng mga tao.

Among Vivamax’ list of sexy films, “Secrets” is the one with less nudity and with more entertaining scenes; Short in story, but suprisingly funny in a good way.



Cast: Janelle Tee, Benz Sangalang, Denise Esteban, Felix Roco, Ku Aquino, Sherry Lara

Presented by: Viva Films

Date Released: June 10, 2022 via Vivamax

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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