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Selina’s Gold (2022)

Directed by: Mac Alejandre

Selina works as sex slave.

Selina has a heart of gold.

Selina is also a gold digger.

Selina switches from one character to another with no progression. It happens overnight.

Jay Manalo’s character had no story to tell, aside from the fact that he’s a maniac. For nearly 2 hours, you’ll get to witness how he abuses a woman. And it was dragging.

The plot twist, although explosive, was revealed in the most uninteresting way.

The year was 1942, but it was not truly felt. The war setting was not utilized. The story, that they chose to focus on, can still happen any day regardless of the year.

Rich vs. Old

Man vs. Woman

Right vs. Wrong

In hindsight, it shows how unprogressive our society is, because these problems still exist until now.

So much for the years

that are deemed as “Gold”.



Cast: Angeli Khang, Jay Manalo, Gold Aceron, Soliman Cruz

Presented by: Viva Films

Date Released: October 28, 2022 via Vivamax

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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