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Sleepless (QCinema 2015)

Directed by: Prime Cruz

Two call center agents are having a hard time sleeping. How will they turn their sleepless hours into their resting time?

This movie failed to show that progression.

They gave a glimpse of their lifestyle which helped in sharing the reasons of their sleeplessness. But in terms of imparting the feeling of restlessness and uneasiness, the struggle within the characters is less likely to be found.

There were only a few moments which you can feel their longing and sadness. The pile of conversations didn’t have a cumulative flow to show the journey of the characters. The discussions came across as an exchange of sketches and jokes, more than an outlet of emotions.

The call center industry, the family issues and other intrapersonal problems altogether lack its needed foundation to build empathy towards the characters.

Who are these people before and after their state of sleeplessness is something they failed to let us experience.

The kind of relationship that the two main characters showed is the most beautiful thought that they can offer. Glaiza de Castro and Dominic Roco have a special connection that’s more beautiful than bedtime moments. Something beyond temporary desires and short-term goals.

In this world where almost everything is conditional and everyone is expecting something in return, this movie breaks the norm and puts malicious intent to sleep.



Cast: Glaiza de Castro, Dominic Roco, TJ Trinidad

Presented by: QCinema, The Idea First Company

Date Released: October 23, 2015 for QCinema

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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