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The Last Five Years (2022)

Directed by: Lemuel Lorca

A couple is living together for 5 years.

The woman wants to get married

but the man is not yet ready.

How will they compromise?

All the cast have done their part. Both Meg Imperial and Tom Rodriguez are believable.

The conversations are straightforward. The storytelling is plain. No gimmicks and no punchlines. The simplicity of it sometimes brings authentic moments. But it also made the movie static, lacking the needed highlights and arguments.

Dalawang oras mahigit ang pelikula.

Pero andami pa ring kulang.

Magandang usapan sana ang kasalan, pero hindi ito nagamit nang lubusan. Hindi nila kayang palawakin ang diskusyon. Hindi nila napalalago ang mga eksena… para mas maintindihan mo sana ang pinagdadaanan ng babae at ng lalaki.

The script is limited and insufficient.

For a movie that tackles marriage, they failed to explore its pros and cons, the hows and why. They mentioned some, but it’s not enough for you to empathize with the characters.

“Five Years” was uttered more than 10 times,

but it still has no weight and bearing.

They inserted other topics involving mental issues and indigenous culture, but they weren’t represented well. Some scenes are also ridiculous and out of character.

The ending of the movie was actually explosive. It gave realizations and thoughts out of the blue.

But their journey leading to that ending fell short.

The 2 hours of this movie didn’t truly capture

the 5 years of their relationship.



Cast: Meg Imperial, Tom Rodriguez, Yayo Aguila, Nikko delos Santos, Marife Necesito, Martin Escudero

Presented by: Nokarin Productions

Date Released: March 4, 2022 via Vivamax

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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