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To Russia With Love (2022)

Directed by: Veronica Velasco

A Filipino guy falls in love with a Russian girl.

Gerald Anderson and Elena Kozlova don’t have chemistry. You don’t see and feel their attraction. Their scenes are not magical enough for you to fall for their relationship.

The story only got interesting when the Russian Daddy entered the scene. Scott Alexander Young was entertaining. All his scenes, plus his assistant, were the funniest.

There’s a side plot involving marriage and cheating—and the way they handled it was remorseless.

Tourist spots and activites in the Philippines (Dipolog City) were highlighted, such as kayaking, scuba diving and paragliding. Seeing these attractions makes you want to explore our country further.

Some Filipino Family culture and traditions were shown alongside relatable performances from Isay Alvarez and Malou Crisologo.

As for Russia, the activities were only limited to fishing, shooting and hunting. They failed to explore on its sceneries. The balance of showing the beauty of Russia and the Philippines was not met. Stereotypes on Russians were also present in this movie.

Despite the stereotypes, the credits scene is something to watch out for as it brought the story into a new level and a different perspective.

Just a way to show how Russians

express their love.



Cast: Gerald Anderson, Elena Kozlova, Isay Alvarez, Malou Crisologo, Scott Alexander Young

Presented by: Mavx Productions

Date Released: November 1, 2022 via Netflix

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews

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