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Under Parallel Skies (2024)

Written & Directed by: Sigrid Andrea Bernardo

The best thing about this movie is that the love between the characters didn’t happen overnight. You are part of their growing relationship, and you don’t feel like an outsider. As a result, you become invested in this loveteam.

Your affection level started from the ground until it gradually reached the sky. Yung kilig mo ay umabot na hanggang langit.

Dahil nakatutok ang pelikula sa kanilang pagmamahalan, ang kwento ng bawat karakter ay hindi gaanong napagtuunan ng pansin. Hindi ramdam ang bigat ng problema na dinadala ng bawat isa.

Their love story is strong, but their individual character stories are not. Towards the end when all these stories need to collide, the desired impact is missing.

The revelation part is anti-climactic. Some decisions or actions are made so the story can move forward or have an end—even if they’re questionable.

The lines are quotable and relatable. They are written with knowledge and experience. Like the stars in the sky, every conversation has its own spark. However, these stars failed to form a constellation.

In every other scene, you’ll hear a beautiful line. But instead of coinciding these lines with one another. They tend to overlap. Hindi nila napagduktong ang lahat ng kanilang magagandang linya sa iisang pangmalakasang mensahe.

The usage of different languages from Thailand, Hong Kong, and Philippines is refreshing and entertaining to hear. Them saying some local phrases is cute, fun, and shocking at the same time—most especially when Win said a curse word.

The facial expressions of Janella Salvador are palpable and contagious. She’s able to portray her role well. Min Metawin has a winning charm and wit that boost the romance level on certain scenes. When it’s time to be serious and sad, he can also deliver. The relationship of Win & Janella felt real. Their chemistry blossomed throughout the movie.

The love that the characters are feeling in the movie is parallel to what you’re feeling as an audience.

Feels like you are with them

under the same parallel skies.


Rating: 3/5

Cast: Win Metawin and Janella Salvador

Presented by: 28 Squared Studios in co-production with Two Infinity Entertainment

Distributed by: Warner Bros. Pictures

Release Date: April 17 in Philippine cinemas nationwide

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews

Storytelling:  3.5

Emotions:  3.5

Screenplay:  3.5

Technical:  2.3

Message:  1


UPS:  2.76


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Love this movie

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i love this movie, roller coaster of emotions, you need to bring tissue with you, love is powerful

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