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Will You Marry? (2021)

Directed by: Veronica Velasco

A widowed mother has a new lover. But the daughter hasn’t moved on yet from their deceased father.

The story is simple.

The feelings are not.

K Brosas and Elisse Joson were able to share the struggles of their character. The dialogues are natural. The conversations are truthful. The emotions are intact.

Individually, their acting is good. But together, their connection is still fleeting. The mother-daughter relationship needs more nurturing.

The actor for the new lover lacks the compassion needed for the role. His words are sweet, though there’s no weight in it. Some of his lines don’t add up to his character. Their love story is underwhelming.

The scoring is overwhelming and can sometimes overpower the scenes. Some camera angles are weak, failing to capture the intensity of the situation. But it doesn’t deter in showing the innate beauty of Denmark.

The film’s main focus is actually to tell a story—in which they did successfully.

Ramdam mo ang saya at paghihirap ng isang biyudang ina. Ramdam mo ang pag-aalala at lungkot ng isang anak.

Kapag ang pangunahing hangarin ng isang pelikula ay mag-kwento, maihahatid nila ang mensahe kahit anu pa man ang mangyari.

For better or for worse, this film recognized the importance of family.

Cliché or not, they’ve provided cute and sweet moments especially when the anticipated question was asked… “Will You Marry?”



Cast: K Brosas, Elisse Joson, Alwyn Uytingco, Pio Balbuena, Hannah Ledesma, Paul Lyderer

Presented by: Mavz Productions

Date Released: October 22, 2021 via

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews




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