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You Have Arrived (2019)

Directed by: Shugo Praico

There are many routes to choose from in order for a movie to arrive at their desired destination. Sadly, this movie didn’t choose the best route.

They went through a shortcut that will make you lose your connection to the main characters. Their journey is lacking. How they became influencers and how they arrived at their certain brand are missing. Bakit ganung content ang pinopost nila? What differs Elisse Joson’s feed from the posts of Barbie Imperial? Why Arielle Roces has many followers?

They had more side trips. Insert petty confrontation scenes and party pooper moments. Models displaying their inability to act. And actors suddenly crying or making a scene just to prove that they can act.

They parked too long on the fight scenes which felt like the biggest joke in the movie. Saan ka makakakita ng tatlong babae that have no background in fighting and no knowledge in gun shooting... Pero hindi man lang sila nahirapan pagdating sa mga fight scenes.

Then down to the last scene. You’ll realize they have already arrived at their end goal of sharing the movie’s overall message—which prompts you to take actions. It was clear and alarming.

They may have arrived with a solid message. But they reached that with a bumpy route.



Cast: Elisse Joson, Barbie Imperial, Arielle Roces, Teejay Marquez

Presented by: iWant, Cinebro Films, Rein Entertainment

Date Released: October 28, 2019 via iWantTFC

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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