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Run (2021)

Directed by: Mel Magno

2021 is just starting. But we already have a strong contender for the worst Filipino movie of the year.

The story is easy to follow—Boy meets boy with an abusive homophobic father whom they’re running away from. But it can get displeasing and disturbing in so many ways, till there’s no more room for beauty and appreciation. They didn’t even care to give proper resolution to address all the issues they’ve presented.

From its first few seconds alone, this movie gives an impression that they’re up to no good. Everyone is excessively shouting. The audio dubbing is not pleasing to the ears. The narration is just stating the obvious. Acting is exaggerated. The script can get cringey. Then a full song chimes in for no reason. The next thing you know, it’s happening again and again till the movie ends.

It’s merely a compilation of music videos with reenactments in between. Not to mention its irregularities and uncertainties as a movie.

The genre can get conflicting. Starting off as an intense drama. Segue to a sitcom. Showing a documentary theme with its camera movements. Trying to establish a Romantic loveteam. Inserting Crime and Suspense like a sudden mood swing.

It literally gave a rollercoaster of emotions.

There’s no direction and unison.

It keeps falling apart.

The technical elements are also on the rocks. There’s no lighting; darkness prevails. The shots are uninspiring. The editing feels like done through a classic Windows Movie Maker. Serious scenes become funny because of the execution.

The movie can actually be entertaining if you become immune with its consistent flaws. And there’s no way of hiding it. Best thing to do is run...

Run away from this movie.


Rating: -1/5

Cast: JR Versales, Keann Johnson, Zhay Cuevas, Miko Manapul

Presented by: Magno Film Company

Date Released: January 22, 2021 via (Limited Screenings Only)

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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