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A Faraway Land (2021)

Directed by: Veronica Velasco

A Filipino reporter went to Faroe Islands to interview a successful Filipina businesswoman.

How’s the interview going?

It’s a mess.

Instead of knowing the woman and her business, what we get is an underwhelming love story that has got nothing to do with Faroe Islands.

They just used the island’s name to play around with their movie title. The location was underutilized, making it look like a visual background for cinematography purposes.

Exploring their culture was a sidetrip. They just lifelessly enumerated a few tourist spots and local dishes. There’s no effort to present the island’s uniqueness.

Yen Santos gave a decent acting. Paolo Contis did too, but his roles are getting repetitive. Siguro ang pinagkaiba lang sa karakter niya dati ay yung nahimatay siya dito.

There’s nothing worthwhile about the characters and their relationship. The screenplay made them look apathetic.

Some acts are unprofessional. Some lines are irrational. And the characters doesn’t seem to care at all, making you doubt your own intelligence and conscience.

Filipinos and Faroese deserve better c

haracters that can truly represent their essence.

Sayang ang ganda ng Faroe Islands sa ipinakita nilang istorya. Na pwede namang gawin kahit saan.

Sayang ang oras na ginugol sa “interview” kuno, dahil wala namang nabuong matinong kwento para sa babae, sa mga negosyo niya, o kahit tungkol sa lugar man lang.

Imbes na mapalapit ka sa Faraway Land, mas lalo ka pang napalayo.


Rating: 0/5

Cast: Yen Santos, Paolo Contis

Presented by: Mavx Productions

Date Released: August 19, 2021 via Netflix

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews

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