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Changing Partners (C1 Originals 2017)

Directed by: Dan Villegas

A musical film about May-December love affair with strong ensemble performance.

Kapag si Agot Isidro ang nagsasalita, kahit wala kang sasabihin, parang kailangan mo syang sagutin. Her delivery of words can initiate a compelling argument anytime. She demands your answer and your attention.

The portrayal of Jojit Lorenzo showed perceivable difference in mannerisms which let him speak beyond words. Sandino Martin’s consistency in putting charm and innocence into his character makes it hard not to fall for him. Anna Luna gives the right emotion in every situation, allowing her to set the mood without any difficulty.

Each character has a side to tell. Every relationship has a story to share. With too many voices wanting to be heard, the film managed to intertwine all aspects into a one smooth-flowing story.

The Director was able to seamlessly connect their lives through circumstances that are universal to every relationship. The scenes may differ in appearance, but as you go beneath the physical attributes, you’ll appreciate the fluidity in storytelling.

Sa ganda ng pagkakakwento at sa galing ng mga artista, nagkakatalo na lang sa laman ng istorya na gusto nilang sabihin.

The script feels orchestrated. Hindi pa tapos ang usapan, alam mo na agad kung sino ang panalo at kung sino ang dehado. The conversation doesn’t flow on its own. The characters don’t get to decide for themselves. May anggulo na pinapaboran.

They tried to go deep by injecting personification in which the characters are being linked to nonhuman things to describe the state of their relationship. Overall, this figure of speech only limits the characters to expound their thoughts.

Do the characters have a voice in this musical?

Or they were orchestrated to tell a piece of the story?

The theme may be universal, but the story is unilateral. The actors have authencity. The storytelling has creativity. But the script lacks objectivity.

The screenplay doesn’t create a common ground where the characters have an equal opportunity to save the relationship. Kung mas napaglaruan lang sana ang screenplay, mas lalawak ang ganda nito.



Cast: Agot Isidro, Jojit Lorenzo, Sandino Martin, Anna Luna

Presented by: C1 Originals

Date Released: November 13-28, 2017 for C1 Originals

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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