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General Admission (2021)

Directed by: Jeffrey Hidalgo

A celebrity’s personal life, including rumors and controversies, is being broadcasted to the public. Everyone is invited to watch and ridicule. Everyone is entitled to a general admission ticket.

Will you watch the show?

This film mocks the mass media and the showbiz industry by playing around with the characters and the events. There’s a deliberate effort to exaggerate and manipulate the situation, so that they can stay true to being a satire.

They have become too edgy and playful, leaving the characters too distant from being a recognizable person.

Masyado nilang nilaro ang mga bagay-bagay, hanggang sa wala ka nang makilala sa kanila. Pinaglalaruan nila ang buhay ng artista, pero sino ba siya para magkaroon ka ng pakielam sa kanya?

Anong klase ba siyang tao? Paano siya kumilos kapag walang camera? Mabuti ba siya o masama?

Bigo silang ipakilala ang karakter na ito bilang isang tao na pwede mong makapitan. Kahit batuhin pa siya ng mga intriga, wala kang maramdaman. Kahit tinadtad na siya ng trahedya, hindi mo kakaawaan.

The connection among the characters is weak. There’s a dozen of actors, but they don’t go well together. Some actors are giving the right energy for the show. While some are just off and inconsistent.

Most scenes are like comedy sketches, with no remarkable punchlines. It’s hard to laugh or cry for the scenes, since you’re apathetic to the characters and their situation to begin with.

There’s no strong emotion present in this movie—except for the last part wherein the lead character finally reveals her true self while being trapped in the trashy system. But it’s far too late for it to matter.

The script has potential, but it needs finer tuning towards its characters. The message didn’t come out naturally, even if they were rampantly showing it since the start of the movie.

This movie can leave the seats empty, despite a general admission screening.


Rating: 0/5

Cast: Jasmine Curtis-Smith, JC de Vera, Nanette Inventor, Brian Sy, Mailes Kanapi, Rosanna Roces, Rener Concepcion, Pontri Bernardo, Archi Adamos

Presented by: Provill Studios, Oxxipital Films

Date Premiered: March 23, 2021 via

Date Released: April 9, 2021 via

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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