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Girlfriend Na Pwede Na (2023) Directed by: Benedict Mique

A girlfriend was dumped because she is not enough.

Paano ba mag-transform mula sa girlfriend na pwede na papunta sa girlfriend na sapat na ?

Mahigit sa sapat ang ginawa ni Kim Molina para buhayin ang pelikulang ito. Dahil sa galing niya, hindi mo alam kung iiyak ka ba o tatawa. Kaya niyang paglaruan ang emosyon mo.

Swabeng pogi moves ang naipakita ni Jerald Napoles. Natural magpatawa. Pero kaya ring mag-seryoso pagdating sa mga sinserong usapan. Ramdam mo ang laki ng kanyang puso.

Gab Lagman’s charm and presence is enough to put ache and joy into your heart.

Kim and Jerald, whose names coincidentally sound like Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson, has their own unique magic too that fits the romcom world. KimJe, with their cinema debut as a loveteam, successfully found their way from real to reel without compromising their authenticity.

The movie starts with a penis sculpture. It was random and funny as it appears out of nowhere. Before the movie ends, you’ll get to appreciate how valuable that penis sculpture is. Part of you will hold on to it while grasping the sweet moments from the story.

Lars Von Trier is often mentioned in the movie. Without disrespecting the said artist, you would remember the name with a smile on your face.

Some topics could’ve enhanced the script, but were never acknowledged or talked about. No apologies for the hurtful judgments. No confessions on hiring a con artist to redeem a relationship. No conversations about the thriving businesses of the characters. No build-up for the ending scene. No facemasks, then suddenly it appears.

The movie is good in providing happiness out of its lonely moments. They never fail in balancing the tears and the laughs.

Maiiyak ka sa tawa. Matatawa ka sa sakit.

Pwede palang umiyak habang tumatawa. Pwede palang magkaroon ng sentimental value ang isang penis sculpture. Pwede palang pa-kiligin ng KimJe ang buong sinehan.

Ito ang pelikulang pwede na!


⭐️⭐️⭐️ Cast: Kim Molina, Jerald Napoles, Gab Lagman, Heart Ryan, Tomas Rodriguez, Andrea Babiera, Prince Stefan, Nicole Omillo Presented by: Viva Films Date Released: January 18, 2023 in Philippine Cinemas nationwide A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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