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Glitter and Doom (2024)

Directed by: Tom Gustafson

More than a musical, this movie feels like a compilation of music videos—with corny visual effects and cheesy lyrics flashing on the screen.

The backstories of the main characters are not established well, so you’re unable to connect with them. Because of this disconnection, some events seem unrealistic and illogical.

Songs are suddenly being played without trying to establish what the situation is all about. Moments where you can get to know more about the characters are missing. The production numbers and the actual scenes are not complementing each other.

There’s no spark between the leads. Alan Cammish’s acting and presence is too weak, being overpowered by Alex Diaz most of the time. True to his character name “Glitter”, Alex Diaz ignites the flame in the people around him, serving as the ray of sunshine in the movie.

All of the cast can definitely sing. Their beautiful voices blend well with each other. However, most of the songs sound the same. They don’t have a recall after.

Sadly, the movie didn’t live up to its title.

The amateurish direction and the poor writing took away all the glitter from the movie, leaving only the doom.


Rating: 1/5

Cast: Alan Cammish, Alex Diaz, Ming-Na Wen, Missi Pyle

Presented by: La Palma de Oro Films, Speak Productions, Sin Sentido Films, TBD Pictures

Distributed by: Solar Pictures, Ayala Malls Cinemas

Released Date: June 5, 2024 in Ayala cinemas nationwide

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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