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Liway (Cinemalaya 2018)

Directed by: Kip Oebanda

Watching this film in Cinemalaya 2018 is an experience of a lifetime and a memory forever inked to our core. Nung pinakita ang end credits, wala na kaming nagawa kundi umiyak, pumalakpak, at tumayo. Lahat kami ay nanghina sa tapang ng pelikulang ito.

Streaming the same movie on YouTube provides a different experience. Even though the magic of big screen and live audience wasn’t there, the message it holds didn’t diminish.

Liway is a freedom fighter

who ended up in prison with her family.

Paano ba maging tahanan

ang isang kulungan ?

This film is mostly shot inside a compound. But the location feels both like home and prison—depending on what angle you’re looking at.

Always choose the side of the truth.

Based on a true story, Liway narrates what happened inside the prison. It doesn’t need to bombard you with facts for you to discern right from wrong. Let your moral standards guide you through.

The scenes are not all dramatic, but it’s affective and moving. The actors can give the necessary emotions in varying scenes. The lines are strong and symbolic, most especially the mannequin speech.

The storytelling with the kid is a visually creative way to explain the situation. Though some information could’ve also been shared to further mold Liway as a teacher, an activist, and a person.

The film’s greatest moment lies at the end

where truth and storytelling reached its peak.

There is power and hope in true-to-life stories like Liway… And it should always be heard.

Kapag nasa panig mo ang katotohanan,

kailangan mo itong ipagsigawan.

“Malaki ang pagkakasala ng isang taong

nananahimik sa ganitong panahon.”



Cinemalaya 2018 experience: 5/5 stars

YouTube 2022 rewatch experience: 4/5 stars

Cast: Glaiza de Castro, Dominic Roco, Ken-ken Nuyad, Joel Saracho, Sue Prado, Soliman Cruz

Date Released: Cinemalaya 2018, March 18, 2022 via YouTube (Just Search “Liway” on YouTube)

Presented by: Cinemalaya 2018, Quantum Films

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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