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Si Chedeng At Si Apple (C1 Originals 2017)

Directed by: Fatrick Tabada and Rae Red

2 mothers in their 60s leave their respective families to escape misery and to find long lost love.

Conversations and scenes were made to explain the motives of both characters. But no strong moments were established for them to make a pivotal turn in their lives.

Even with no solid foundation to their adventure, the film still managed to capture your attention through its witty script and fine actors.

Gloria Diaz lets you feel her yearning desire. Kahit sa simpleng pagdila lang ng icecream, ramdam mo ang pagtatakam. Her charm and sincerity are undeniable, making her deserving of a true love.

Elizabeth Oropesa brings fun and laughter with her lively performance. Nakakatawa ang mga kabaliwan nya dito. Her vibrancy and quirkiness are addicting; you don’t want it to stop.

You can’t help but to fall for this precious tandem. You will follow them wherever they go, with high hopes that they’ll reach their destination.

The road to any goal in life is never easy. Bumps and cracks are expected along the way. You may ask yourself a couple of times — “Yan ba talaga ang gusto mo?”.

They were able to relay that feeling of uncertainty. Hindi mo alam kung hanggang saan ang kaya nilang gawin. Mapapaisip ka kung ano ba ang tama sa mali.

They were able to share that experience of ups and downs. May oras na masaya at nakakatawa. May panahon na malungkot at nakakaiyak.

Kung saan saan ka dadalhin ng pelikulang ito, pero makakarating ka pa rin sa paroroonan mo. They stayed right on track to give you what you’re looking for — which apparently was present all throughout the film.

This film shares a story of love in a different light — the one that can stand through thick and thin, through tender moments and crazy antics.

We find it through Chedeng and Apple.



Cast: Gloria Diaz, Elizabeth Oropesa, Mae Paner, Jay Gonzaga, Mike Liwag, Anthony Falcon, Sheenly Gener, Kat Galang

Presented by: C1 Originals, Epic Media

Date Released: November 13, 2017 for C1 Originals

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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