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Sila-sila (C1 Originals 2019)

Directed by: Gian Carlo Abrahan

The movie had an explosive 10-min intro scene which not only identifies the conflict, but also establishes the plot.

That’s just a perfect way to start a movie. May pinakilala sila sa first scene. May tanong din silang iniwan. And they’ll gradually answer those questions throughout the movie with series of conversations &confrontations—which is their most powerful asset.

Kung paano nila dalhin yung usapan na parang it’s happening in front of you. You have to listen. You have to be involved. You have to make a stand. Kulang na lang pumasok ako sa screen para maki-elam sa usapan nila.

Ganun sila kagaling. Literally lahat sila. From the main cast to supporting to bit players.

You’ll feel the pain of both main actors Gio Gahol & Topper Fabregas, but on a different level and perspective. How amazing it is na pareho silang nasasaktan, pero naparamdaman sayong magkaibang sakit yun.

Their friends Dwein Baltazar & Phi Plamos ay kaiinisan mo for being brutally honest & irritatingly clingy. Pero mamahalin mo rin cause of the same reasons.

Kych Minemoto has this charm & innocence, making you want to know more about him. While Jay Gonzaga exudes the exact opposite but still remains a likeable character cause of how proud he carries it.

Adrienne stole the show with her phenomenal presence. Nakakatawa when she’s opening her mouth. Sapul nya. Di sya OA at di rin sya nagkulang.

The scoring is spot-on. The lyrics fit the scene. The instrumentals are the ones you need to hear to complement the emotions you‘re feeling at that moment. I‘m impressed w/ how they played around with their own music.

The movie is quite dragging. Either mahabang conversations or paulit-ulit. Or worse, walang na-co-contribute na bago. They should’ve spent more time on value-adding scenes; rather than constantly validating on what’s already there. But it's a reason to discredit the beautiful journey they’ve shared.

Naparamdam nila ang mundo nila.

It was bittersweet.

But it was real and authentic.



Cast: Gio Gahol, Topper Fabregas, Dwein Baltazar, Phi Palmos, Jay Gonzaga, Kych Minemoto, Adrienne Vergara

‪Presented by: C1 Originals, ABS-CBN Films, Quiapo Collective‬

Date Released: November 7-17, 2019 for C1 Originals 2019

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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