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Yorme (2022)

Directed by: Joven Tan

A man recollects his journey from

being a garbage collector to a city mayor.

This movie feels like a long advertisement that only promotes the positive traits of the main character.

He commits no mistakes and makes no errors. The hardships were shown to make him look more triumphant and reachable.

You’re watching a playlist of his commercials. Then there are speeches in between to explain what’s happening, because the scenes are insufficient.

Sabog na sabog ang mga eksena.

Makalat ang daloy ng kwento.

Magpapakita ng isang pangyayari,

pagkatapos ay lilipat na sa kasunod.

Magkakalkal ng basura.

Iiyak sa luob ng pedicab.

Mag-d-drama sa salamin ng CR.

At marami pang kaganapan na bigla-bigla na lang mangyayari.

The only thing that saved this movie from utter downfall is its musical theme.

Some songs are cringey and egocentric, but most of them are pleasing to the ears. The lyrics are easy to follow. The melodies are catchy. And most importantly, they are all Original Pinoy Music.

15 all-new Filipino songs were written by Director Joven Tan for this movie alone. Each song is tied with a different choreography, production, and singers. Special mention to Janno Gibbs and JV Decena for their beautiful interpretation.

Disguised as a movie, “Yorme” has shared some songs that are entertaining. So let’s give credit to where it is due.

Thank you for the music.



Cast: Isko Moreno (Francisco Moreno Domagoso), Raikko Matteo, McCoy de Leon, Xian Lim, Jestoni Alarcon, Janno Gibbs

Presented by: Saranggola Media Productions, Viva Films

Date Released: January 21, 2022 via

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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