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Mang Kepweng: Ang Lihim Ng Bandanang Itim (MMFF 2020)

Directed by: Topel Lee

Mang Kepweng, who wears a magical Red Polka Dot Kerchief, lost his ability to heal people. With the help of his friends, he travels far away to regain his powers. However, an enemy who wears a Black Kerchief gets in their way.

The portrayal of good vs. evil is not maximized well. The protagnist doesn’t seem heroic, and the main antagonist doesn’t feel frightening. The two main characters are disorienting. In effect, you’re not fully engrossed in their respective missions. You passively accept whatever happens to them. The story is not engaging.

The visual effects are not impressive and believable, although the movie being a comedy puts your attention away from the technicalities.

Most actors serve as laughing stock with no meaningful correlation to the story. Some of them are bearable to watch, while a few have no bearing at all.

Serving as a sidekick, Ion Perez was not felt. There’ll be no difference if you remove his lines or his character. As the leading lady, Barbie Imperial gave a bland performance. The mythical creatures that were shown could have had a more decent introduction.

The energy of Ryan Bang is infectious and entertaining. Chad Kinis and Rubi Rubi, even with their brief appearance, gave a good amount of laughs. The natural wit and tandem of Fumiya and Yamyam worked in favor of the movie.

Vhong Navarro was in his usual element of comedy that can sometimes be funny or corny. Either way, the determination of this movie to make you laugh is consistent from start to finish—without veering away from the main story.

Ang simpleng hangarin nila na magpatawa ang siyang bumubuhay sa palabas nato. Minsan, nakakatawa sila. Minsan, hindi talaga. Kung nilapatan nila ito ng magagandang mensahe na konektado sa istorya nila, mas naging makabuluhan sana ang ngiting naibibigay nila.

The journey of Mang Kepweng is fun to watch, but not enough to make your day.


Cast: Vhong Navarro, Barbie Imperial, Jorros Gambora, Ryan Bang, Jaclyn Jose, Benjie Paras, Ritz Azul, Yamyam Gucong, Fumiya Sankai, Ion Perez

Presented by: Cineko Productions, ABS-CBN Films

Date Released: December 25, 2020 via

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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