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Pakboys Takusa (MMFF 2020)

Directed by: Al Tantay

Welcome to a world where no one is thinking clearly and everyone is okay with it.

This movie depicts infidelity the most hilarious way possible without any guilt at all. They are happy to show you how to ruin relationships that don’t even have a problem in the first place.

Nothing wrong in spreading happiness to people,

but how far can they go just to share laughter?

Most punchlines are only promoting wrongdoings with no counteractions. Some jokes are distasteful and rude, as they are playing around with sensitive topics. Mistakes keep piling on top of one another. It never ends.

It’s like a YouTube playlist of all jokes about infidelity and other topics that come out of the blue.

There’s no story that can you look forward to. Dialogues don’t matter, as the scenes are repetitive. The characters have no thoughts and feelings. Their only role is to deliver the punchlines well.

Paulit-ulit lang ang mga eksena. Gagawa ng kalokohan ang mga boys. Tapos mahuhuli sila ng kanilang mga asawa. Nagdaan ang dalawang oras. Ganun pa rin ang nangyayari. Paano at Bakit. Wala silang balak na tapusin ang palabas nato.

Kahit ilang beses mo silang bigyan ng pagkakataon, hindi pa rin sila nagbabago. Hanggang sa pinakahuling sandali, nanatili silang matatag sa kanilang panata na magpatawa nang walang mensahe at istorya. Lahat ng iyon ay nagawa nila sa luob ng dalawang oras.

Nagkakalokohan lang tayong lahat sa palabas nato.


Rating: 0/5

Cast: Janno Gibbs, Dennis Padilla, Andrew E, Jerald Napoles, Ana Roces, Angelu de Leon, Maui Taylor, Nathalie Hart, Marissa Sanchez, Leo Martinez

Presented by: VIVA Films

Date Released: December 25, 2020 via

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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