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The Boy Foretold By The Stars (MMFF 2020)

Directed by: Dolly Lulu

Two boys, who believe in destiny, cross paths and get to know each other. Will they have a happily ever after?

As leads, Adrian Lindayag & Keann Johnson look good together. Adrian is credible enough for you to connect with his character. Keann naturally possesses the appealing qualities for him to be loved. As the best friend, John Leinard Ramos puts a smile to your face with his loud personality and high energy.

There’s a spark somewhere along the way, because it feels nice to love and be loved. Hoping someone can look at you with no judgment is also everyone’s hope.

Love is a wonderful thing. Hope is a powerful one. They used both to their advantage. They didn’t seem to care about the world. They only follow what the stars are saying. For a moment, you are carefree and happy.

They gave you something to hold onto. There were also moments where you feel like you’re close to the stars due to the vibrant cinematography and dazzling atmosphere. But up to what extent they can take you to a whole new world?

This movie feels like a fairy tale that will make you question the distinction between reality and fantasy. Almost everything comes easy. With a little pain and struggles, the story falls right into places for these two boys.

There were topics about Catholic teachings, Girlfriend for years, Parent issues and Society stereotypes. But never mind all these issues they mentioned on the first part of the story, for they chose to ignore it to provide a typical love story.

Masaya sanang maniwala at ma-inlove. Masaya sanang kumapit sa mga bituin. Pero ang hirap kumapit sa isang bagay na hindi mo nahahawakan. Lalo na kapag nagbibigay rin sila ng mga dahilan para bitawan mo rin ito.

Naghahalo ang pakiramdam mo sa palabas nato. Sa kagustuhan nilang magpa-kilig, hindi nila hinarap ang kanilang sinimulang problema. Sa kagustuhan nilang abutin ang mga bituin, tinakasan nila ang mundo.

The Boy Foretold by the Stars has enchanting and romantic moments that can make you easily fall for them. But their romance has a weak foundation for it to last long.



Cast: Adrian Lindayag, Keanne Johnson, John Leinard Ramos, Jan Rey Escaño, Jemuel Satumba, Vic Robinson

Presented by: Clever Minds Inc., Brainstormers Lab, The Dolly Collection

Date Released: December 25, 2020 via

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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