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Suarez: The Healing Priest (MMFF 2020)

Directed by: Joven Tan

This movie serves as the biography of a Filipino priest and faith healer named Fernando Suarez.

Except for it doesn’t feel like one.

You won’t get to know him on a deeper level. His story was not really shared. Only chosen bits were displayed.

The conversations seem staged and scripted, having no other purpose but to continuously put the main character on a pedestal.

Events happen and other characters exist only to reiterate his kindness and his faith.

Many actors appeared, though none of them made a mark to the story. Many discussions take place, but they don’t differ from one another. No significant details are mentioned that can make you empathize with him as a person.

The whole movie can be exported into a short film, since the message and scenes are repetitive from start to finish.

But then again... who are we to measure time when life and miracles are in store?

The power of this movie is transcendental. Its magic passes through digital screens and gives a positive aura. They have become generous in uplifting our spirits.

Sa pagtatapos ng pelikulang ito, naibahagi nila ang pag-asa na mailap matagpuan sa panahon ngayon. Ngunit nananatili pa rin ang tanong ukol sa kanyang katauhan at personalidad. Hindi mo nakilala nang lubusan si Father Suarez.

This movie serves as biography, but ends up being a mystery.



Cast: John Arcilla, Dante Rivero, Richard Quan, Rita Avila, Rosanna Roces, Alan Paule, Yayo Aguila, Marlo Mortel, Biboy Ramirez, Patrick Sugui, Jerico Estregan, Maru Delgado, Yñigo Delen, Jin Macapagal

Presented by: Saranggola Media Productions

Date Released: December 25, 2020 via

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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