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12 Weeks (Cinemalaya 2022)

Directed by: Anna Isabelle Matutina

A pregnant woman is contemplating whether she’ll keep her baby or get an abortion.

What’s going to be her decision?

In a span of 12 weeks, this film will take you through her process. From mundane activities to intense confrontations, you are part of it all. You are in her shoes.

The screenplay is flawless. Characters are molded into an actual person. They grow as the story flows.

The script is detailed. There are some rebuttals you may not understand at first. Then it will make sense on the latter scenes. The choice of words is on point. They are lifelike and realistic. Every statement demands to be heard.

The sound is palpable. You can hear anxiety, fear and relief whenever the character is experiencing it.

The cast is praiseworthy. Their actions will move you, from the little movements to the loud ones. The typing from laptop, the look on sonogram, the touch of hand — every detail matters. Everyone is natural, including the Doctor who gives strong recommendations to her patient.

Claudia Enriquez is the best friend / best supporting actress material. Nothing but truth will come out from her mouth. Her presence is always felt.

No words to describe how Max Eigenmann perfectly embodies her character in this movie. To say she’s great would be an understatement. She’s more than that.

This is not just a role for her.

This is a purpose.

This is life.

No shortcuts. Just choices.

No plottwists. Just realities.

Life continues after 12 weeks.

Tuloy ang Laban.



Cast: Max Eigenmann, Bing Pimentel, Vance Larena, Claudia Enriquez

Presented by: Digital Dreams

Date Released: August 6, 2022 on CCP

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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