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Nuuk (2019)

Directed by: Veronica Velasco

Based on its trailer, the movie promised to offer a ’mystery thriller’ experience. But it presented a full-time drama romance.

Alice Dixson is the most fitting leading lady for Aga Muhlach. They can start a new love team. They have the same level of charm and maturity. They look good together on-screen.

Mas na-establish yung love story nina Aga at Alice. Kesa dun sa pagiging mystery thriller nya.

If they wanted to be a thriller movie, they should have focused more on being one. Hindi yung nag-allot sila ng 1 hour for romance. Then the rest of the running time will be for the thriller portion.

Namuhunan sila sa maling paraan. Instead na mag-invest sila sa pag-build ng tension. Gumawa sila ng isang love team.

Kaya naman pagdating dun sa plot twist, there’s a sudden change of mood. Felt like two alternate worlds are roughly combined. The genre suddenly switched from 0 degrees to negative 360 degrees. A certified sub-zero.

The twist is not hard to believe. May sense naman siya kahit papano. But the reveal is not satisfying dahil nga wala silang magandang puhunan para dun.

They also tackled issues about depression and parent-child relationship. Na hindi nila nabigyan ng justice. They only cited these problems. But they didn’t give a resounding conclusion.

Their claim of being the First Asian Film shot in Greenland is not something worth highlighting... because after watching the movie, you'll feel bad for the city Nuuk. Puro negativities ang naikabit nila sa lugar na yun.


Rating: 0/5

Cast: Alice Dixson, Aga Muhlach

Presented by: Mavx Productions, VIVA Films and OctoArts Films

Date Released: October 9, 2019 in Philippine cinemas nationwide

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



評等為 0(最高為 5 顆星)。

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