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Adarna Gang (2022)

Directed by: Jon Red

Classic Ibong Abarna with a modern twist, “Adarna Gang” tells the story of a crime family and a vengeful girl with mesmerizing singing voice.

The theme about drugs and family is fresh among Vivamax movies. But the mood here is inconsistent, switching from mockery to heavy drama to action scenes. The gunfights are hastily executed, lacking in style and angst.

The nonlinear and slow-paced storytelling created a sense of mystery. You gradually meet the characters, but as the story ends, the revelation for each of them is not worth the wait.

The film is star-studded, but the ensemble doesn’t blend well together.

Coleen Garcia is not believable being a singer and an avenger. Ronnie Lazaro and Soliman Cruz remain to be respected veteran actors. Some just appear because they’re part of the cast, even if their roles don’t have bearing.

The scenes are not enough to establish the rapport among the characters, especially the brothers and the father-daughter relationship.

The scoring gives a holy vibe, making you feel something good and dramatic is happening. But the music can’t compensate the movie’s deficiencies.

The direction is uneven, failing to sustain momentum and give climax whenever needed.

In contrast to Ibong Adarna, “Adarna Gang” doesn’t have a strong voice that can leave its audience mesmerized.



Cast: Coleen Garcia, JC Santos, Mark Anthony Fernandez, Diego Loyzaga, Ronnie Lazaro, Sharmaine Buencamino, Mickey Ferriols, Jay Manalo, Meg Imperial, Soliman Cruz

Presented by: Viva Films

Date Released: March 11, 2022 via Vivamax

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews

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