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Ang Pangarap Kong Oskars (2023) Directed by: Jules Katanyag

A producer and a director are willing to do anything to make an Oscar-worthy film.

Are the sacrifices gonna be worth it?

The movie tries to show the state of filmmaking in the Philippines through comedy and horror. The genre is perfect since Philippine Cinema is oftentimes a laughing stock and our movies are mostly horrifying.

Kalahati ng eksena ay nakakatawa; kalahati ay kulang pa. Maganda ang mensahe, pero mas nangibabaw ang kanilang kalokohan kaysa sa pinaparating nilang kahulugan. Hindi ka matatakot para sa kinabukasan ng Pelikulang Pilipino.

The ensemble is fun to watch, but underutilized. Most characters aren’t given enough exposure to share their significance in the filmmaking process. When the casts get eaten one by one, it could’ve been used as an opportunity to compare what it’s like without each one of them. Providing highlights to the production team would’ve made the movie’s statement stronger.

Paolo Contis and Joross Gomboa have chemistry in this movie—regardless if it’s pure friendship or for a deeper relationship. Their love/team is something to watch out for. The cinematography and the visual effects matched the film’s humor.

The movie has its highs and lows, ending with a mediocre finish. Good concept, but not so strong execution.

Hindi pang-Oskars ang pelikula. Pero at least, may gusto silang ma-achieve.

May pangarap sila.

Hindi nga lang lumipad.



#goldwinreviews #JulesKatanyag #PaoloContis #JorossGamboa #KateAlejandrino #grAngPangarapKongOskars Cast: Paolo Contis, Joross Gamboa, Kate Alejandrino, Faye Lorenzo, Milo Elmido Jr., Junjun Quintana, VJ Mendoza, J-mee Katanyag, Leo Bruno, Long Mejia, Jon Santos Presented by: MAVX Productions Release Date: June 28, 2023 in Philippine cinemas nationwide A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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