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Angkas (Cinemalaya 2022)

Directed by: Rain Yamson

3 old friends meet again.

Wearing older faces.

Talk about the places they’ve been.

Lyrical conversations about repression.

Poetic lines about the government.

Forced dialogues about freedom.

Even if on point, the discussions didn’t seem real because they were just inserted out of nowhere. Mythical elements are hastily used for drama and amusement.

As much as you want to empathize with the characters and their friendship, you don’t know where they are coming from.

The long and uncut shots can entertain you only for a short time. Special moments become ordinary due to the absence of a gripping background.

The movie only becomes interesting when the main leads come together as one. Meryll Soriano, Benjamin Alves and Joem Bascon had a good chemistry.

Magaling silang tatlo.

Maganda ang kanilang samahan.

Dahil sa samahang ito,

Nabubuhay ang pelikula.

There were a couple of unfinished subplots. Ruby Ruiz, Soliman Cruz and Mercedes Cabral were underutilized. Their characters just come and go.

Daming gustong puntahan ng pelikula.

May mga dinaanan. May mga tinakasan.

Walang maayos na direksyon

ang kanilang destinasyon.

Sasama ka ba sa ganito klaseng biyahe?



Cast: Joem Bascon, Benjamin Alves, Meryll Soriano

Date Released: August 6, 2022 on CCP

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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