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As If It’s True (Cinemalaya 2023) Directed by: John Rogers

For today’s video, Gemma and James need to pretend that they are in love with each other. Will you hit the subscribe button?

Hindi ka maiinip sa panunuod dahil parati silang naghahanap ng paraan para aliwin ka. Kung ano ang gusto mong makita, ibibigay nila.

Ang mga diskusyon na hinahanap mo ay parating andiyan. Natutumbok nila ang mga dapat pag-usapan. Kung ano ang gusto mong marinig, sasabihin nila.

Love and care 🥰 para sa mahusay na pagganap ni Khalil Ramos. Maingat at maayos niyang nairepresenta ang sensitibo niyang karakter. Award 🏆 para kay Ashley Ortega dahil siya ang kabogerang influencer ng taon. Imbes na mainis ka sa ginagawa niya, magagalingan ka pa sa kanya. Kung ano ang dapat na maramdaman, naibibigay nilang dalawa.

Ayaw nilang mag-unsubscribe ka, kaya kung anong gusto mo ay gagawin nila. Mahuhulog ka sa mga patibong nila. Hindi mo alam kung totoo pa ba ang napapanuod mo. Pero masaya kang nasasaksihan ang mga ito.

The cinematography and color grading are pleasing to the eyes. The sound is palpable. The scoring is clever especially at the end. The editing is in sync with the flow of the story. Indeed, this film knows how to make a content for the audience’s consumption.

Even if you have a backstage pass to the characters, you’re blindsided of what’s going to happen next. The last act caught you by surprise. The last few scenes happen too fast; you’re unable to fully savor the beauty in it. Nonetheless, the ending offers a subtle message.

What you see is different from what you hear. Having a clearly positive visual and a deliberately broken sound, it’s asking you to be keen with your senses when it comes to social media.

Whether it’s fake or true, you have become a fan of this film.

Can’t unsubscribe from the connection they’ve made.

And that’s the truth.


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Cast: Ashley Ortega, Khalil Ramos, Adrianna So, John Silverio, Rachel Coates, Marnie Lapus Presented by: Cinemalaya 2023, The IdeaFirst Company Date Released: August 5, 2023 at the PICC; February 15, 2024 on Netflix A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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