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Boyette, Not A Girl Yet (2020)

Directed by: Jumbo Albano

A gay student, who is fully accepted by his family, pretends to be straight to get closer to his boy crush and to join his dream dance competition.

Zaijan Jaranilla lacks that natural glow of playing a gay character. He may sound and act like gay, but you can’t feel the authenticity behind it. While his friends on this movie (Jairus Aquino, Phi Palmos and Ji-An Lachica) were believable in their own ways.

The family members (Joey Marquez, Ketchup Eusebio, Andre Garcia and Christian Antolin) have potential to offer more laughs, but their exposure is limited. The loveteam (Iñigo Pascual and Maris Racal) felt comfortable in this genre, delivering a natural performance throughout the movie.

Despite the imbalance, the ensemble cast still gives a colorful and carefree atmosphere. For a moment, you get carried away by their cheerful mood and their nonstop comedic lines.

It was funny—not until you realize that the story is slowly suffering as they fail to address their problems with its much-needed justice.

How can a gay pretend to be straight and almost everyone seems fine about it after the revelation? How quick or how long can you accept a sexuality that you’re not comfortable with? How do you address premarital pregnancy?

Paano siya nakapasok sa dancing group kung hindi siya magaling? Paano nila nalutas ang pandaraya? Gaano kabilis ma-inlove at ma-fall out of love? At ang pinaka-matinding tanong… Bakit namamasyal ang mga magulang sa luob ng school campus?

The list of questions continues, as the story gets more complicated with the main character’s actions. And the only way they resolve it is through injecting a scene or two with some flowery lines and dramatic gesture. There’s no sincerity behind the scene.

Malalaman mong malapit na ang ending dahil nalulutas ang mga problema nang mabilisan.

Towards the ending, they still have the guts to talk about passion and purpose in life, but they don’t put scenes that can help make this message meaningful.

Boyette tries to hide all its inconsistencies by delivering a light comedy film. But the problems keep showing out of the closet.


Cast: Zaijan Jaranilla, Jairus Aquino, Phi Palmos, Ji-An Lachica, Joey Marquez, Ketchup Eusebio, Andre Garcia, Christian Antolin, Iñigo Pascual, Maris Racal

Presented by: Star Cinema

Date Released: November 27, 2020

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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