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Bugaw (Vivamax 2023) Directed by: Yam Laranas

Pinalaki kang Bugaw ng Tatay mo. Paano ka makakawala dito?

Madalas kapag ang pelikula ay nagsisimula sa hubaran… Hindi ito nagiging maganda kasi nagmumukhang puro kalaswaan lamang. Pero iba ang kaso para dito.

Nakakatakot ang Bugaw na ito.

Different faces of prostitution can be seen in this movie. They do sex out of family practices, survival, fear, necessity, and income. Sex for pleasure is not on top of the list—which makes the story more engrossing for a Vivamax brand.

The intro and the title card set the mood well for the whole movie. The cinematography complements the eeriness of the situation. The scoring boosts the horror factor in it. The script has striking paradox on being grateful to the misfortunes in life. The ending is haunting and alarming.

Some sex scenes are not believable. The placement of pants, zippers, and dresses is not natural. The tension and rage, that you’re supposed to feel from those particular scenes, are being disrupted.

There are few gaps in the timeline. They could’ve shown a few scenes about it instead of just fastforwarding or just skipping it.

Stereotypes are noticeable, making some characters one-dimensional. Men are evil just because they’re evil. Youngsters are simply horny and careless. You’re less connected with the characters because of the lack of backstories. Nonetheless, the main story is still recognizable.

The roles of Jay Manalo are getting repetitive, but he’s always effortless on being a manipulative maniac. MJ Cayabyab is naturally entertaining. Some casts need finer tuning, but they all look the part.

Mukhang inosenteng babae si Alexa Ocampo. Nakuha ni Clifford Pusing ang pagiging madiskarteng binata. Batang walang muang ang hulmahan ni Ataska Mercado. Nakatulong ang mga ito para mas lalo kang manghina sa mga nangyayari.

Nakakapanlumo ang pagsasama-sama ng kahirapan, edukasyon, at kahalayan sa pelikulang ito. Sumasalamin sa buhay ng maraming Pilipino.

Marami na pala sa atin ang Bugaw nang hindi natin namamalayan.


⭐️⭐️⭐️ Cast: Alexa Ocampo, Clifford Pusing, Ataska Mercado, MJ Cayabyab, Jay Manalo Presented by: Mesh Lab, Viva Films Date Released: July 7, 2023 via Vivamax A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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