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Bula sa Langit (Cinemalaya 2022)

Directed by: Sheenly Gener

Isang sundalo ang kakauwi lang galing giyera.

Ngunit hindi pa rin tapos ang laban.

Kahit siya ay nasa kanyang tahanan na.

Trauma is real. Gio Gahol possesses that struggle. Kate Alejandrino naturally portrays her character that gives value to a woman’s worth.

Sharmaine Buencamino can easily steal the scene with just one look. Soliman Cruz always give a genuine performance.

Other characters are inserted, but they have no bearing to the story. They’re just there to make some noise and add controversy.

The conversations are natural. Although not productive enough to deal with the actual needs of the characters. Some words don’t match their personality as well.

The movie is dragging. The subtitle is pre-emptive. The scoring is anticlimactic. The lighting is uneven. The cinematography is inconsistent. The execution is forcefully dramatic.

As fragile as a bubble,

Bula sa Langit has a weak weapon

that you can rely onto.



Cast: Gio Gahol, Kate Alejandrino, Soliman Cruz, Sharmaine Buencamino

Presented by: Voyage Studios

Date Released: August 6, 2022 on CCP

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews


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