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Doll House (2022)

Directed by: Marla Ancheta

A father meets his daughter for the first time.

He plans to give her a doll house.

Baron Geisler is one authentic actor, conveying what’s needed through his subtle actions. Phi Palmos puts the right intensity and sincerity to the scenes. The child actress Althea Ruedas lightens up the mood everytime she speaks.

The conversations between the kid and the adult are thought-provoking. Neither is wrong, yet one can be right depending on the circumstance.

The chemistry and the performances of the main characters made this movie a decent watch. They are all dedicated to make the story work despite some deficiencies.

The story is insufficient to nurture the father and daughter relationship.

The daughter feels like an isolated kid—with no friends of her same age. Her school life is not truly seen. Her views in life are ideal and perfect, reacting positively in all life situations.

Because we have a perfect daughter, everything comes easy for the father. There’s no chance for him to form a deeper bond with his daughter. There’s no struggle at all.

The father’s redemption arc is missing. All the good things are being spoonfed to Baron Geisler’s character, yet he chooses to see it the other way. No significant effort was made by the father, so it’s hard to root for the father-daughter tandem.

The themesong “Pangako” lacks a strong emotional punch, because the characters’ connection to that song is also weak.

The flaws of the movie was alleviated when the ending was revealed. The momentous scene at the end serves as a sweet validation of what transpired throughout the story.

Doll House may not have a rock-solid foundation.

But in this sense… it’s the thought that counts.



Cast: Baron Geisler, Althea Ruedas, Phi Palmos, Katreena Beron, Mary Joy Apostol

Presented by: Mavx Productions

Date Released: September 7, 2022 via Netflix

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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