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He Who Is Without Sin (2020)

Directed by: Jason Paul Laxamana

An aspiring reporter meets his idol who is a respected personality in the news industry. Apparently, this meet-up is set to change his life forever. What exactly happens during their meet-up?

There are three versions being shared by the same character. Every version gives a different unique experience. You might ask yourself everytime you hear the story again... Is this the truth?

Elijah Canlas, as the aspiring reporter, offers authenticity with his chosen language and projected gestures. Despite him telling different versions of the truth, you can easily succumb to his thoughts and his feelings. He is not afraid to share what’s on his mind, making him a convincing character.

Enzo Pineda, as the respected journalist, pleases you with his strong appeal and confident demeanor. His actions are done with no hesitations. His words are said with no doubts. Having a straightforward personality, he can easily get your attention and interest.

Both actors are effective with their portrayal, but your side is leaning towards this person who is presumably without sin.

The movie title “He Who Is Without Sin” suggests judgment to the characters even without knowing what fully happened. This set-up loses the chance to offer wider perspective and angle of the story. Nonetheless, it allows the movie to focus on just one main character and share a glimpse of his mind. For a second, you are able to experience meeting your idol and its aftermath.

The events that occur after the meet-up is more worthy to be told, but it was not given enough exposure for it to make a stand. The message was overshadowed by the intensity and excitement of the meet-up experience.

This movie has a decent story to tell, but the message didn’t arrive as strong as the plot. The three versions of truth come across as the highlight of the movie, when in fact the reason behind such truth should be the main focus.



Cast: Elijah Canlas, Enzo Pineda, Lara Fortuna, Gio Gahol

Presented by: Solar Pictures, Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino, Sinag Maynila

Date Released: November 20, 2020 via Pista Ng Pelikulang Pilipino

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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