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Directed by: Perci Intalan

Instead of a livestream, a social media influencer is having a live ‘scream’ because he is suddenly being tortured inside a creepy room.

Mapapa-sigaw ka

dahil may isang tao na nahihirapan.

Ngunit mas mapapa-lakas sana ang iyong sigaw kapag nakilala mo kung sino ang tao na pinapahirapan.

The movie didn’t take us through the life of the main character. Him being a vlogger was vital to the story, but it was not represented well. Only short clips were shown to summarize the essence of his job. The torture could’ve been more meaningful if every part of it was related to his vlog entry.

Even if the narrative for the character fell short, Elijah Canlas still gave a satisfying performance. The first half of the movie almost felt like an acting exhibition dedicated to him. Different levels of his acting can be witnessed here.

The set is realistic. The costume can be iconic. The editing is good as there’s no dead air. The movie focused on being a slasher.

Madaming saksakan na nangyayari, ngunit hindi gaanong ipinapakita ang paghiwa sa bawat bagay. Bitin ang kanilang pagiging bayolente. Hindi isinasagad. Pero dahil tuloy-tuloy ang kanilang pananakot, madadala ka na rin sa mga nangyayari.

Walang pahinga ang pagdurusa.

Nakakapagod na.

Ikaw na mismo ang susuko para sa kanila.

You can feel the exhaustion

You can feel the wrath.

But the only thing you can do

is scream.



Cast: Elijah Canlas, Phoebe Walker, Lucky Mercado

Presented by: The IdeaFirst Company, Viva Films

Date Released: November 9, 2022 via Vivamax Plus

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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