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Metro Manila (2013)

Directed by: Sean Ellis

Isang pamilya mula probinsya ang sinubukang makipagsapalaran sa Metro Manila.

Mabilis mong makakagaanan ng luob ang Tatay na si Jake Macapagal, dahil ramdam mo agad ang kanyang kabutihan.

Hindi niya kailangang manakit, para maipakita ang galit. Hindi niya kailangang magwala, para maiparamdam ang dismaya. Kumikilos siya nang nararapat para maitaguyod ang kanyang pamilya.

Mauunawaan mo ang bawat kilos niya, dahil isa siyang Tatay na binubuhay lamang ang kanyang pamilya. Ngunit hindi nahubog at pinakilala nang husto ang kanyang pamilya, para mas kapitan mo pa.

They need more scenes to establish themselves as one solid family, so that their challenges could have been more fruitful and that their triumphs could have been more meaningful.

As the mother, Althea Vega felt stiff in expressing her care and support for the family. Their daughter Erin Panlilio has potential to bring more warmth to the scenes, but it was not maximized.

John Arcilla was effective as the cocky friend, but his character failed to show a deeper motive for his actions.

This film showed the unpleasant side of Metro Manila, without having to bombarb us with poverty porn. They were able to depict oppression, with no unnecessary drama. The scoring was artistically dramatic, fitting to the emotions. The camera movements brought more authenticity and tension to the situation.

Their overall journey was slow-paced, but still interesting enough to keep you watching and asking...

How will their journey at Metro Manila come to an end?

The ending was unusually satisfying—one of the most quiet yet powerful endings.

The film was never loud to begin with. Even if there were gunfires, they didn’t use it to make noise but only to shoot our hearts with a story of a desperate yet loving father.



Cast: Jake Macapagal, John Arcilla, Althea Vega, Erin Panlilio, Reuben Uy, JM Rodriguez, Ana Abad-Santos, Leon Miguel, Moises Magisa

Presented by: Chocolate Frog Films

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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