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PaThirsty (2022)

Directed by: Ivan Andrew Payawal

Dalawang magkaibigan

ang na-inlove sa iisang tao.

Gusto nilang mag-tagisan ng alindog.

Sino ang mas PaThirsty ?

Hindi nauubos ang energy ni Adrianna So.

Consistent ang effem portrayal ni Kych Minemoto.

Swak ang tambalan nilang dalawa.

Hindi sila nagpapatalo sa isa’t isa.

Hindi rin sila nagsasapawan.

Nakakatuwa ang kanilang samahan.

Dagdag katatawanan ang handog nila Chad Kinis, Kate Alejandrino at Bob Jbeili.

Alex Diaz is a charming bachelor, making chemistry with both leads.

With its animated characters, the movie is fun and entertaining to watch.

The sex scenes in this movie defy the norms set by Vivamax. The actors and actresses don’t need to be fully naked to be enticing. What makes it sexy is the combination of camera movements, props, their lines and the interaction between two artists.

The characters are all part of the lgbt community, but they’re still deficient in discussions, information and representation. The issues are downplayed. The gravity of the situation is less impactful and empathetic.

The main plot about vlogging was derailed. The movie won’t have a decent flow—if the editors didn’t put some animations every now and then to connect most scenes.

Chat messages were overutilized to have a smooth continuity. Sometimes, it works. Sometimes, it takes away vital moments and actual experiences.

Mauuhaw ka sa mas magandang istorya.

Mabubusog ka sa tawa at saya.



Cast: Adrianna So, Kych Minemoto, Chad Kinis, Kate Alejandrino, Bob Jbeili

Presented by: The IdeaFirst Company, Viva Films

Date Released: June 1, 2022 via Vivamax Plus; June 29, 2022 via Vivamax

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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