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Silly Red Shoes (2019)

Directed by: James Robin Mayo

Francine and Kyle had this chemistry since the movie started. Ramdam mong magaan ang luob nila sa isa’t isa. Na para bang may namumuong magandang relationship off-cam. That natural aura transcends bigtime on the digital screen.

However, the characters already started sweet and comfortable with each other. Their journey was shortened. Hindi mo tuloy nakita yung growth ng relationship nila. So after the first few scenes, yung mga kasunod na eksena felt stagnant. Hindi na tumaas o nagbago.

Both Kyle and Francine showed potential, given that it’s their first movie together. But there’s room for improvement. Kyle needs to show more depth in acting. Medyo awkward ang iilang eksena and his Tagalog words. During his emotional scenes, intensity is lacking.

Francine can get inconsistent at times. Hindi mo malaman kung anong personality ang gusto nyang i-portray. Sometimes, ang girly at bibo nya. Minsan, para syang astig or conservative. Her insecurities on her feet is showing irregularly. And her laugh felt forced. She needs to make it sound more natural.

Medyo pilit din yung ibang kaganapan. Everything happened spontaneously and hastily during the conflict part. Yung tipong parang naubusan na sila ng airtime kaya ambilis na-resolve lahat ng mga problema. The ending wasn’t satisfying. Hindi nila tinapos yung sinimulan nila.

What’s satisfying are the performances of the supporting cast and the story.

Anna Luna is the remarkable best actress in this movie. With no background story, she was able to make you feel the wounds of her past. Every word that she says matters, because of the raw emotions that are attached to it. Hindi nya kelangan ng additional palamuti para kuminang. She’s in a league of her own.

Karen Reyes is the bestfriend ate I didn’t think the film needed til she performed and delivered. Magaan ang pakiramdam ko sa kanya, because she made every conversation easy, light and natural.

Herbert Bautista still has his acting chops. He was innately giving his classic comedic antics while also showing his maturity in acting. Nakatulong sya para mas mailabas yung acting capabilities ni Kyle.

Hindi formulaic and loveteam-centric ang movie. Umikot siya sa isang istorya, at hindi sa isang love team. Nagshare sila ng isang kwento whereas the characters inside it are able to connect with each other—which added to the foundation of Francine and Kyle’s loveteam.

For their first movie together, this is a good start.



Cast: Francine Diaz, Kyle Echarri, Anna Luna, Karen Reyes, Herbert Bautista

Presented by: iWant, Dreamscape, Spring Films

Date Released: November 23, 2019 via iWantTFC

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews

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