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1️⃣ Ang Meron Sa Wala

Directed by: Arby and Christine Laraño

An old man is being interviewed and asked about his journey in life—from childhood to fatherhood.

From its film title alone (Beyond Nothing), you would already have an inkling on what the story is about. Indeed, they have touched the poverty topic albeit only at a glance.

They went beyond the surface.

As the interview progresses, this film gradually takes you inside the mind and heart of this old man—until such time that he resonates a familiar figure in our lives.

With no actors and dialogues, they were able to maintain a two-way communication. The emotions are authentic, you can’t help but empathize with them. The story flows in its natural state, allowing us to dive in and take a plunge.

This film may be filled with words due to its interview format, but beyond the words lie the truest story of hope and inspiration we all deserve to experience.

This is no ordinary man and this is no ordinary story. We are fortunate to witness a leap of faith.

We live for this kind of positivity.

2️⃣ Singil

Directed by: Maria Graciella Musa

A xerox machine examines the evidences presented right before its eye.

Will you turn a blind eye?

Tuod lang ang hindi makakakita.

Manhid lang ang hindi makakaramdam.

Tutuklawin ka ng pelikulang ito. Imposibleng hindi ka masaktan. Sa sobrang sakit, baka tawanan mo na lang ang harap-harapang pang-aahas na ginagawa sa’yo.

This docu-film is distressing, timely and innovative all at the same time. There’s a creative irony in using a monotonous machine to deliver heavy emotions and amplify a relevant message.

Maaaring nakakasawa nang pakinggan at panuorin ang mga ganitong bagay… Ngunit paulit-ulit pa rin nating ipapa-alala…

Lalaban tayo. Maniningil tayo.

3️⃣ Palabas

- Riveting. Alarming. It’s happening. And it’s important to know where you stand as a citizen of this country.

4️⃣ Forever

- It has enough sweet and tender moments to make you feel that Family is Forever. #ayeee

5️⃣ Tarang / Life’s Pedal

- Ramdam mo ang hirap ng kanilang pamumuhay. Nakakapagod masaksihan ang ganitong paulit-ulit na paghihirap. Pero no choice. Patuloy lang ang buhay.

6️⃣ Gulis / Lines

- The actors, the scoring and the cinematography are commendable. The ending can stand alone regardless of the prior scenes, since the characters lack the progression they need to make the ending more powerful than what it is.

7️⃣ Replay

- The scoring and the movie title preempted a moment that could have been special and captivating. #sayang

8️⃣ Oppa-wikan

- Cute title. Breathtaking cinematography. The story is massive that it didn’t work well with a short film.

9️⃣ The Man who isn’t there and Other Stories of Longing

- Too many stories and they couldn’t decide what to tell. So they share it all.

🔟 You Are Here

- Plot was interesting but underutilized. The main character is impenetrable too.

🔢 Halawood

- This dragging documentary failed to serve its purpose—which is to provide a strong voice for the indigenous people.

🔢 Sumasaiyo

- The whole thing felt like a long advertisement for an insurance company.

🔢 Mga Bag-ong Nawong sang Damgo kag Katingalahan / The New Faces of Dreams and Mysteries

- The visuals can be haunting, but they just keep on reiterating the same agony over and over since the minute it started.

🔢 Urihi Nga Luha

- The characters don’t have sufficient moments for them to matter.

🔢 Maglabay Ra In Sakit

- We don’t need to watch a rapper’s resumé video. Cut the chase.

Date Released: September 17-26, 2021 for PPP 2021

Movie Review Ranking by: Goldwin Reviews



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