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Smaller And Smaller Circles (2017)

Directed by: Raya Martin

Novel by: F.H. Batacan

Isang tao ang pumapatay ng mga bata.

Pagkatapos ay tatanggalan ng mukha, ari at puso.

Anong klaseng tao ang gagawa nito?

Mapahangas ang pelikulang ito sa paglahad ng isang istoryang hindi nakakaayang panuorin, ngunit may mahalagang nais sabihin.

This film lets you see a world where everyone can be a suspect and a victim — depending on how you want to look at them.

You instantly become a detective.

You unconsciously become attentive.

They let you see the details by looking at the bigger picture.

The Director managed to hold your breath by shredding the story into intricate pieces, offering a blow-by-blow gripping experience you can’t afford to miss.

Hindi ka makakawala sa tensyon. Bawat karakter ay pagmamasdan mo. Bawat kilos nila ay paghihinalaan mo. Damang-dama mo ang hininga nila. Nakakaintriga. Nakakakilabot.

The scoring captures the thrilling rhythm of the film. Every beat is tied up to your emotions. What you hear, see and feel are all in unison.

The shots are artistic and realistic, exposing life in the dead. The corpse can get gruesome, but the living can get more loathsome. Discussions create friction between characters of opposing ideals, which added more layers to the film’s core.

Having a protagonist that is righteous allows you to follow his path and stay faithful. There’s a feeling of assurance that he won’t let you down.

This film ended up on a high note. The case is closed, leaving your mind open to endless possibilities. Everything is connected to one another.

What goes around, comes around.

We live in circles.



Cast: Nonie Buencamimo, Sid Lucero, Bembol Roco, Carla Humphries, Gladys Reyes, TJ Trinidad, Raffy Tejada, Ricky Davao, Christopher De Leon, Tessie Tomas, Alex Medina, Cholo Barretto, Jess Mendoza, Ross Pessigan, Jun jun Quintana

Music by: Lutgardo Labad, Odoni Pestelos

Presented by: TBA Studios / Tuko Film Productions




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