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Unforgettable (2019)

Directed by: Jun Robles Lana & Perci Intalan

The dog Milo is skillfull. Kaya niyang sundin ang script at instructions with ease. Milo & Sarah could've had more scenes together—showing their closeness and interdependency. But this movie focuses more on Sarah and her journey.

Unang eksena pa lang, Sarah Geronimo already established her role as Jasmine. Hinahanap mo si Sarah Geronimo sa movie. Pero wala... si Jasmine ang nakikita mo. Hindi siya bumitaw. How she used her eyes strengthens her characterization. And her voice tone, even though not singing, takes you to her perspective. Thus, making all her scenes poignant. You should anticipate her last dramatic scene.

There's a lot of several different actors. Kahit hindi ganoon kahaba ang exposure ng bawat isa, they made a significant contribution to the story. They don’t appear out of nowhere. Their presence is needed para umandar ang story.

Lahat sila todo-bigay.

GINA PAREÑO will forever be stellar and classic. Her presence alone set a standard for all actors in the movie. Her being the protective and proud Lola makes us want to be her apo too. She can instantly initiate that feeling over us.

You'd empathize with ARA MINA’s bittersweet moment during that dining table scene. The expression on her face will make you want to hug her.

REGINE VELASQUEZ-ALCASID’s appearance, even though short, had its share to the film’s optimistic mood. May maiksing linya sya duon about sa extrang ulam. At mapapatawa ka dahil maaalala mo ang canteen days mo nuon.

KIM MOLINA’s over-the-top performance is the most entertainin. Nakakatawa siya dito, lalo na dun sa hospital scene. Her loudness suited Jasmine’s naivety.

Ang kulang lang ay yung mga build-up scenes para mas ma-establish pa sana kung saan nanggagaling ang hugot ng bawat character. Like paano ba napagod si Ara. How is Kim Molina with her mom before and after Sarah. Bakit mahilig sa aso ang mag-lola. What really is the most “unforgettable” aspect of this movie that made its way as the final title? One scene or two is not enough to share these things. Summarizing through voice-overs and exchanging of lines doesn’t help either. Kelangan mamuhunan pa sila sa mga eksena.

A story this comprehensive would’ve work best on a short series format wherein each episode will showcase one character‘s relationship with Sarah & her dog. But that‘s just a wishful thinking.

Right now, all we have is this movie that proved a lot in terms of Sarah’s acting capabilities. Only she can star in a movie where there’s no loveteam or special effects needed, and still doesn’t bore you the entire movie.



Cast: Sarah Geronimo, Gina Pareño, Kim Molina, Ara Mina, Meg Imperial, Yayo Aguila, Lander Vera Perez, Caleb Santos, Regine Velasquez-Alcasid

Presented by: VIVA Films, Idea First Company

Date Released: ‎October 21, 2019 in Philippine cinemas nationwide

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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