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Utopia (C1 Originals 2019)

Directed by: Dustin Celestino

A bright comet flies over the dark cities of Manila amidst the grim cases of murder, drug dealings and exploitation. In this world where crimes are unjustified, how do you make things right?

This movie did something right through unspeakable and unexplainable means.

It may take some time to fully appreciate this movie. You have to patiently wait on how the story will come to an end. With at least 22 characters and 4 events happening all at once, this movie can easily blow out of proportion.

The first half looks convoluted. They just keep on mentioning the names of all the characters in every other scene; and that’s how you know they are connected. Some actors exert too much effort to unleash dark humor. Their comedy lessens the gravity of the situation, losing connection to the film’s main purpose.

The second half is when things are finally arriving at a common ground. They are trying to connect everyone without name tagging. There’s already an effort to share a story. But even during this part, you might ask yourself what’s the point of this story anyway. Wait till the end.

The final stretch gives a satisfying outcome and conclusion. When all the characters drop their comedic side and stay true to just being human, that’s when they shine the most.

Their outro statement resonates both hope and despair, calling the universe for battlecry. How beautiful it is to witness a utopia that this film has created.

Nakagawa sila ng isang mundo na gusto mong mapabilang. Naihatid nila ang isang mensahe na magandang matunghayan. Sa daigdig na puno ng kasamaan... Saan mo ba makikita ang kabutihan?

Dito sa pelikulang ito.

Here in Utopia.



Cast: Enzo Pineda, Joem Bascon, Arron Villaflor, Simon Ibarra, Richard Manabat, Mark Manicad. Diva Montelaba, Brian Sy, Karen Toyoshima, Frances Makil-Ignacio, Pontri Bernardo, Cedrick Juan, Nikko delos Santos, Rener Concepcion, Tads Obach, DMs Boongaling, Lian Renz Silverio, Dylan Ray Talon, Vincent Kevin Pajara, Randy Villarama, Ricci Jereza, Joel Saracho, Jackie Lou Blanco

Presented by: TeamMSB Productions, Cinema One Originals

Date Released: November 7-17, 2019 for C1 Originals 2019

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews

Now Streaming on (Limited Screenings Only)



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