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Verdict (2019)

Directed by: Raymund Ribay Gutierrez

A battered wife files a case against his abusive husband. What will be the judge’s verdict?

The film started on a high note. Husband and wife are having an argument that led to a violent physical fight—while their 6-year old daughter is watching. From that first scene alone, you are already hooked to the story. You can’t let go of the characters. You need to know what will happen next.

The flow of the story is linear and easy to follow. The scenes are straightforward, allowing you to quickly understand what’s happening. They are generous in sharing quick facts on how justice is served in the Philippines, from case-filing, prosecution to the final verdict.

The film’s intention is clearly to send a message. The script is used as vehicle to send out valuable information to the public. There were no quotable punchlines, but the lines were informative. No exaggerated scoring and no excessive editing for the raw hand-held camera shots already capture the tone of reality.

The actors are effective storytellers. You can feel the anguish and exhaustion from the Wife. You are agitated by the presence of the Husband. The people surrounding them also add up to the intensity and restlessness. The ensemble cast creates an authentic representation of the society.

With all this traumatic experience, the coping mechanism is an essential element that was not shown in the film. Nonetheless, never did they show an irrelevant scene. There was no unnecessary drama. It is what it is.

Having an intro of a climax, this film manages to have a worthwhile ending that can leave you haunted and exhausted.

Watch it whenever you can.

That’s the final verdict.



Cast: Kristoffer King (RIP), Max Eigenmann, Dolly de Leon, Jordhen Suan

Presented by: Centerstage Productions, Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino

Date Released: August 28, 2019 in Philippine cinemas nationwide

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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