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Wild Little Love (2019)

Directed by: Benedict Mique

This movie utilized all possible formulas they could inject to present a loveteam.

✔️ Rich girl meets poor boy.

✔️ Two opposite worlds attract.

✔️ Everyone should be against their love.

✔️ Quotable lines must be heard.

But it wasn’t smooth. A lot of moments in between will make you ask why is this happening?

Some decisions made by actors in the movie are unrealistic. Like yung “punishment” ni Alfred Vargas para sa anak nya. He didn’t even consult his wife for that grave decision. Hindi man lang dumaan sa proseso. At hindi mo man lang nakitang nag-alala siya para sa anak nila.

Moments happen too fast. It lacks build-up. Such as Andrea wanting to be friends with enemies right away. Sudden mood changes by Alfred and Carmina. Yung galit sila ngayon. Tas kinabukasan, ok na agad.

Lines get too cheesy to the point that it becomes unbearable to hear. The only thing that’s manageable to watch are the main leads.

Andrea Brillantes and Seth Fedelin both showed promising performances individually and as a team.

You'll be fascinated on how animated Andrea can be. Her expression can easily transform from a sweet bida to a bittersweet kontrabida. Kaya ka nyang patawanin at inisin. Either way, you’d like her personality in the movie.

Seth is just effortless in conveying the needed emotions in every conversation. Even during those times na wala syang linya, his face speaks. He’s such a natural actor. Felt like he’s born for this.

So even if sometimes the words and scenes don’t make sense... These two can still make it work.

Ang gaan nilang panuorin dalawa dahil parehas silang magaling. Because of their delivery... the lines sounded beautiful; the scenes became enjoyable to watch. This is a team you can easily fall in love with dahil sa talent na pinapakita nila.

Magaling yung dalawa. Pero yung story at kung paano kwinento, hindi.



Cast: Andrea Brillantes, Seth Fedelin, Victor Neri, Alfred Vargas, Carmina Villaroel

Presented by: iWant, Dreamscape, Lonewolf Films

Date Released: November 27, 2019 via iWantTFC

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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