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Hellcome Home (2019)

Directed by: Bobby Bonifacio Jr.

The movie started with no introduction at all. There’s this family arriving at the house. Hindi daw maganda kutob nila sa bahay. Usap-usap konti. Hanggang sa may nananakot na pala. From that first scene alone, you’ll know this movie is up to no good. And hell yeah, it really is.

The succeeding parts are just filled with jumpscares that will either make you laugh or frustrated. Because their only concern is to frighten people. They didn’t put too much effort in sharing a story.

Teejay Marquez gave a satisfying performance that he deserves to have a solo movie about his character here. Then we have this 8-Year-Old kid Miel Espinoza that needs to be acknowledged and credited for her dedication. You’ll witness her doing the unexpected. Pang best child star actress ang vibe. While Dennis Trillo proved that he can be the best actor regardless of what genre he’s in.

The plot twist was exciting. Mapapadilat ka ng mata. Sunod sunod kasi ang mga pasabog. Even the actors were a relevation. But the plot twist can't save the whole movie.

The revelation did explain some interesting things—to the point that you feel it’s feeding you with all the good realization. But it’s all superficial and nothing significant that can contribute to the main story.

There were disturbing elements, present all throughout the movie, left unexplained. They didn’t give reasons why that house is their home. Hindi mo din alam kung anong meron sa bahay nila at bakit andun yun. Basta ang important, maganda ang movie title "Hellcome Home".

Para sa movie nato, first impression lasts. From that first scene alone, you’ll know this movie is up to no good. And hell yeah, it really is.



Cast: Dennis Trillo, Beauty Gonzales, Raymond Bagatsing, Teejay MArquez, Alyssa Muhlach, Gillian Vicencio, Lui Manansala, Kokoy de Santos, Miel Espinoza

Presented by: Star Cinema, iWant

Date Released: ‎October 30, 2019 in Philippine cinemas nationwide

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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