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Fan Girl (MMFF 2020)

Directed by: Antoinette Jadaone

Being the Fan Girl, Charlie D. gives a promising performance. She innately embodies the characteristics of a blind follower, resulting to sheer annoyance and unexpected realizations. Her acting transformation was pleasing, showing different personalities of a fanatic. Her character development was satisfying, making her deserving of the titular role.

Playing a fictional version of himself, Paulo A. has the capability to be inviting and unattractive at the same time—aided by the cinematography. His actions are conveniently crossing the line between your sweetest fantasies and harshest realities. He’s not afraid to be ugly, and that attitude added authenticity to his portrayal.

With both actors giving good performances, they take you into a story that reiterates an alarming lifestyle. How alarming can it get?

There’s a deliberate attempt to make Paulo look evil. While Charlie gets the proper redemption.

Hindi naging malinis ang laban ng dalawa.

Ginawa ang pelikula para umangat ang isa.

Nakita mo ang pagbabagong naganap sa katauhan ni Charlie. Nabulag sya, ngunit nakakitang muli.

Angkin nya ang mahalagang mensaheng dapat gawin ng mundo ngayon. Ang magising at mamulat. Ramdam mo ang boses ng pelikulang ito.

Sa kagustuhan nilang ipaabot ang mensaheng iyon... pilit nilang ginulo ang karakter ni Paulo.

Maraming kasamaan si Paulo, at ang tanging dahilan na maiisip mo ay para maihalintulad sya sa ibang tao na may kasuklam-suklam na ugali. Pero di mo nakilala nang masinsunan ang katauhan ni Paulo, para magkaroon sya ng ganung ugali.

Kung ipinakilala nila ang lalim ng kasamaan ni Paulo, mas maganda sana ang pagka-mulat ni Charlie.

Some scenes are shown with intention to arouse controversy but not to foster enlightenment. They have the guts to display bad habits, sexual innuendos and fake personalities. But not brave enough to take a step further and make a proper discourse out of the situation. All these topics turned to missed opportunities.

Fan Girl has all the strong elements to represent a community beyond fandom, but only a few select qualities were highlighted.



Cast: Charlie Dizon, Paulo Avelino

Presented by: Black Sheep, Globe Studios, Project 8, Epic Media, Crossword Productions

Date Released: December 25, 2020 via

A Movie Review by: Goldwin Reviews



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